Metalworking Fluids

Nelson Oil Company offers a complete line of metalworking fluids, from aerospace coolants to basic shop floor cleaners and rust preventatives: Straight Oils Soluble Oils Micro Emulsions Semi-Synthetics Full Synthetics Floor Cleaners In-Process Cleaners Oil-Solvent-Based Rust Preventatives Reliability is our middle [...]

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Industrial Lube Filters

Nelson Oil Company offers a complete line of high performance oil filters to remove harmful contaminates and protect critical equipment: DFE Rated Elements G8 Dualglass Upgrade ICB Element Upgrade Water Removal Elements Pressure Filters Return Filters Suction Filters Spin-on Elements Breather Filters [...]

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Air Compressor & Vacuum Pump Lubricants

Today's air compressors and vacuum pumps require technologically advanced lubricants of the highest quality. Our NelsonAir complete line of mineral-based and synthetic compressor fluids offers cost-saving alternatives to expensive lubricants marketed by OEM's. Properly cross-referenced and used in accordance with OEM recommendations, our compressor fluids will provide significant cost savings and maximum protection for your equipment. Synthetic [...]

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Industrial Lubricants

Nelson Oil Company offers a complete line of lubricants for all your industrial applications - from high-speed spindle bearings to heavy-duty steel mill greases: Thermal Oils Turbine Oils Hydraulic Oils Dry Film Oils Compressor Fluids Greases Way Oils Gear Oils Spindle Oils [...]

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With over 90 years of experience in the lubrication industry, and serving manufacturers throughout the southeast, Nelson Oil Company has learned to respond to our customers' changing needs with the finest lubricants from around the world. Headquartered in Hickory, North Carolina, we’re committed to continuous improvement, as evidenced by our ISO 9001 Registration. We have [...]

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