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NelGuard™ 24-Hour Emergency Service

Nelson Oil Company customers never have to worry about lost production because of a shortage of lubricants. Just call 828.322.9226 any time, any day. Leave your message. A Nelson rep will get right back to you. Our truck will be dispatched to your dock with the right product no matter when you call. Please remember to leave your [...]

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Lubrication Program

Nelson Oil Company offers training in all aspects of lubrication. You can audit our complete Lubrication Survey, take one of our Lubrication Training Seminars, or take advantage of our Critical Equipment Fluid Analysis (CEFA). Lubrication Surveys Lubrication Seminars Critical Equipment Fluid Analysis (CEFA) Reliability is our middle name! Learn More > [...]

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Fluid Conditioning Equipment and Services

Nelson Oil Company offers a complete line of fluid conditioning equipment to remove harmful contaminates and protect critical equipment: Lube Oil & Diesel Fuel Coalesce Skids High & Low Pressure Filter Assemblies Heated High Velocity Flushing Skids Off-Line Filtration Skids Varnish Removal Skids Vacuum Dehydrators Acid Scavenging Skids Filter [...]

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Over 50% of all machine component failures are due to water and particulate contamination. Manufacturing plants in North America spend over $4 billion every year repairing and replacing such equipment. It is vital that manufacturing facilities have a cost-effective way to remove this contamination and maintain acceptable fluid cleanliness levels. Nelson Oil Company offers a variety [...]

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Metalworking Fluids

Nelson Oil Company offers a complete line of metalworking fluids, from aerospace coolants to basic shop floor cleaners and rust preventatives: Straight Oils Soluble Oils Micro Emulsions Semi-Synthetics Full Synthetics Floor Cleaners In-Process Cleaners Oil-Solvent-Based Rust Preventatives Reliability is our middle [...]

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